William W. Frankfurt

Will_Frankfurt As the founding partner of Frankfurt Law Office, P.C., William W. Frankfurt has spent over 12 years battling cases for his clients in Colorado’s courtrooms. Frankfurt has proudly called Colorado home for more than 20 years.

Frankfurt’s philosophy is simple. He is committed to providing effective, aggressive representation for each client, regardless of how large or small the claim. Frankfurt and his team of attorneys recognize the immediate, urgent significance of an individual’s claim. They know the importance of helping each client face these complicated and often emotionally taxing issues.

Frankfurt has spent years navigating Colorado’s municipal, state, and federal courts, and his team has over 40 years of combined experience. He will represent your best interests, with a vast working knowledge of cases from motor vehicle accidents and property injuries, to product defects and medical implant malfunctions. As your advocate against the insurance agencies and bill collectors, Frankfurt will seek the best compensation for your case, every step of the way.