Premises Liability

premises_liabilityFrankfurt Premises Liability Attorneys

Has someone you care about been injured on another person’s property? Whether an injury happens on a residential or commercial property, this is known as “premises liability.”

If the injury required immediate medical attention, you can make a case. A typical example is the classic “slip and fall” injury that could happen because of negligence on the part of a home or business owner. But other instances of premises liability include pool accidents, burn injuries, elevator malfunctions, assaults, inadequate security, poisoning, and more.

These cases are more complicated than they may initially seem. The injured party has to prove three pertinent facts: who owns the property; if the owner is liable for the injury; and if the owner was the reason an injury occurred. Proving these three key facts can be challenging, especially to someone who is unfamiliar with the details and intricacies of premises liability.

Frankfurt Law Offices handles premises liability cases all across Colorado, and we are very familiar with the Denver metro area. By hiring a concerned personal injury lawyer, you’ll be able to get your case heard, and fairly settled to your best advantage. Our team always follows through when it comes to researching your case.