Medical Implants

Stethoscope with reflection

Defective and malfunctioning medical implants are a common cause of liability claims. If you or a relative have suffered from a defective medical implant, contact us to help you tackle this daunting liability issue.

Here at Frankfurt Law Office, we know how to navigate the complicated issues surrounding liability claims regarding defective medical implants. You should be able to trust your doctor. Complex surgical procedures should help your health, not hurt you. The pain and suffering caused by defective or malfunctioning medical implants are the result of serious mistakes on the part of the manufacturers of these devices.

These costly mistakes can affect the health and lives of patients. No one should have to suffer through a second open-heart surgery to replace a recalled cardiac pacemaker or heart defibrillator. Or endure the painful rounds of physical therapy required after knee or hip replacements all over again, due to a defective implant.

The companies who manufacture these implants and devices are responsible for thoroughly testing these products. The FDA regulates the industry, and is also responsible for safety testing and approvals; sadly, millions of people are affected by these oversights in the rush to push products into the marketplace too soon.

As a patient, you naturally put your trust in your doctor’s hands. But these medical device producers are profitable businesses and the manufacturers have deep pockets. Too often new implants and devices are released without the proper testing, simply to beat the competition or cut back on research costs. But the patients pay the price, through sky-high treatment costs and seemingly endless rehabilitation.

The victims of these defective medical implants have a right to make a liability claim. The manufacturers of these devices submit the implants to the FDA, to verify that the safety and efficacy has been thoroughly researched and tested prior to production and approval for implementation. But this system doesn’t always work, resulting in the widespread release of malfunctioning or defective products.

The Denver Personal Injury Attorneys at Frankfurt Law Office are familiar with these types of claims. The FDA tracks reports of products that injure patients, and when a medical implant is clearly defective or malfunctioning, they will decide – based on cost – whether to issue a recall, or offer a less-expensive settlement to the affected patients.

Dealing with the emotional, physical, and financial difficulties of these defective medical implants can be extremely difficult. The Personal Injury Attorneys at Frankfurt Law Office can work with you pursue the best possible outcome, by assisting with insurance benefits, lost pay claims, permanent impairment issues and comprehensive recovery.

At Frankfurt Law Office, our personal injury lawyers will take your health and well being seriously. We can offer you the best legal counsel so that you receive the medical treatment and damages that you deserve.