Kate Bouchee

1cbd184-270x270 Kate Bouchee has been practicing law for 10 years. Since joining Frankfurt Law Office, P.C., she has represented clients against many types of claims, taking on criminal defense trials, personal injury cases, workers compensation, and more.

Bouchee has extensive experience with trials, motions practice, and negotiating settlements. As a highly skilled negotiator, she knows the actual worth of a claim and is adept at parleying this knowledge into a fair settlement from insurance companies. She always considers her clients priorities, offering sympathetic and informed counsel. Bouchee is a stalwart advocate for each individual, staunchly representing her clients in cases ranging from traffic matters to sexual assaults and first-degree murder.

Bouchee attended The University of Arizona College of Law, graduating in the top of her class. She is admitted to the bar in Colorado and Arizona and has represented clients across both states. Bouchee looks forward to your free consultation, and will deliver uncompromising, considerate, and effectual counsel.