Client Testimonials

“…You saved my life…”

“Mr. Frankfurt and Ms. Dawson,

You saved my life. Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for you and your law firm. You stood by me for 3 years, fighting for me every step of the way, believing in me and supporting me. You had the utmost professionalism, incredible knowledge of law, hired the best expert, you were both brilliant in the courtroom and this resulted in a not guilty verdict. You gave me a future and more importantly you gave my family a future. I am indebted to you forever, and there are no amount of words that can truly describe how great you and your firm are. I can only THANK YOU from the bottom of my  heart!”

- J.G., September 2012


“…You stood up to the insurance company…”

“I was seriously injured when I fell at a restaurant.  They told me they would “take care of me”.  They never did.  Thankfully I found Will Frankfurt of the Frankfurt Law Office.  Will stood up to the restaurant and insurance company when they both denied any wrongdoing.  The Frankfurt Law Office positioned my case and prepared for trial.  The insurance company wouldn’t agree to any offer.  Will Frankfurt forced the insurance company to the mediation table and settled my case for an amount that exceeded my expectations.”

-K.R., October 2012


“…Aggressiveness and swiftness…”

“You handled my case with an aggressiveness and swiftness that kept the insurance company one step behind. Before I contacted your office, the insurance company denied my claim. However, after I hired you, the case was positioned and prepared in such a manner that the insurance company changed their position and agreed to a mediation. The time and effort you took in locating an out-of-town witness proved a pivotal piece of evidence that made the carrier take another look at my case. During mediation you stood strong and negotiated a very successful settlement. I could not have done this without you. thank you for standing up to the insurance company and fighting for me!”

-K.R. – April 2013