Claire M. Dawson

Claire_DawsonClaire M. Dawson is an associate with the Frankfurt Law Office. She has extensive experience in the practice of criminal defense and personal injury, and has practiced at the appellate level. Dawson is a current member of the Colorado Bar Association and the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar.

Dawson has defended a wide array of cases, ranging from child abuse to DUIs, prostitution and sexual assault. Her skills include extensive motions practice and trial advocacy. An example of her successful motions practice includes a complete dismissal of a high-profile hate crime, based on her discovery of falsified information in arrest affidavits.

Dawson earned her undergraduate degree in strategic communications and advertising from the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, continuing on to receive a Juris Doctorate from the University of Missouri School of Law.

Dawson received a Certificate of Dispute Resolution from one of the top legal dispute resolution schools in the country. Highlighted proficiencies included negotiation, mediation and arbitration techniques. Dawson was awarded second place in the American Bar Association’s National Arbitration Competition to recognize her talent for conflict theory, client counseling and arbitration.

Dawson works hard for every client, using her broad knowledge base to achieve the best outcome for each case.